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"Improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%."
Milliseconds Make Millions


Average decrease in
load times


Reduction in load times on average


Improvement on Google PageSpeed scores


Average decrease in load times


Average reduction in load times


Improvement on Google PageSpeed scores
What Is Your Slow Website
Costing You?

It's never a matter of IF your slow website is costing you.
It's always matter of how much it's costing you...

Google Penalizes Slow Websites

Users can't stand slow websites and Google knows it.  That is why Google gives preferential treatment to websites that load fast and penalizes websites that load slow.

Visitors Despise Slow Websites

People are used to fast apps and fast websites.  They set the standard for user experience.  The slower your website loads, the more annoyed visitors will be and the more annoyed they get, the faster they'll leave and go somewhere else.  What does that mean? Less business for you and more for your competitor.
Why Speed Matters

User Experience

There is zero downside to a fast website. It facilitates a more enjoyable experience for users which leads to more of the things you want; sales!

Bounce Rate

Reducing your bounce rate is vital to improving your SEO and there's nothing that drives people away faster than a slow website. 

Google Rank

Google has started to use site speed as one of the signals that determines how well a site will rank organically.


Faster sites convert better than slow sites. That's all there is to it and speeding up your website is one of the best ways to boost conversions.

Our Guarantee

We'll improve your website's Google PageSpeed desktop score to 90/100 or you get a full no questions asked immediate refund!
Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to websites, how fast it loads is the single most important thing.  You can have the most beautiful website in your industry but if it takes too long to load, visitors will quickly get frustrated and go somewhere else.  Slow websites lead to shorter visits, higher bounce rates, fewer conversions to leads and sales and in all likelihood, a penalty from Google in terms of how high your website shows up in Google search results.

The bottom line is having a slow website is bad for business.  We guarantee that your site will achieve a Google PageSpeed score of at least 90/100 on desktop and 70/100 on mobile.  Check your site here on Google PageSpeed Insights to see how it ranks.  Just type in your URL and hit Analyze.

A really good idea would be to check your competitors' sites as well as see how you stack up.

If you need your site optimized, you can request a free no-obligation quote here!

Absolutely!  With mobile becoming increasingly important for users and in terms of how much Google rewards websites with regards to ranking, mobile score are very important.  We guarantee an improved score of 70/100 or higher on mobile when tested on Google PageSpeed Insights.

We guarantee to have your optimization complete within 3 business days!

Yes we do.  Not only do we guarantee an improvement in load times and performance but we guarantee that your site will score 90/100 or above on Google's PageSpeed Insights


*We guarantee 90/100 on desktop and 70/100 on mobile

Google PageSpeed Insights is the industry standard.  Site load times impact Google search results and Google PageSpeed Insights uses a 0-100 grading system.  The higher your site's score, the better with regards to how well your site will rank in Google compared to your competitors.

The other reputable speed tool we use is GTMetrix

There are a number of issues that we cannot fix due to factors outside of our control.  This is why we strongly recommend you reach out to us for a free, no-obligation analysis and quote to determine whether or not we can in-fact, optimize your website and how much it will cost to do so.

We cannot fully optimize sites under the following conditions:

  • If your website uses certain affiliate scripts
  • If your site used problematic ad embedding plugins
  • Websites that are hosting on platforms that do not support GZIP Compression
  • Websites that are hosted in substandard hosting environments
  • Websites that are hosted on (Please note: we can and do optimize websites that are build on WordPress - in fact WordPress sites are the sites we most frequently optimize by a long shot 😉 )
  • Adult sites
  • Sites that are engaged for illegal practices
  • Businesses or website that engage in unethical business practices

Absolutely!  Since the majority of websites are built on WordPress, the vast majority of our clients' sites are built on WordPress so not only can we optimize WordPress sites, we are specialists at doing so!

Please note that we cannot optimize websites that are on  What's the difference?  Click here to learn more or contact us to see if we can optimize your site.

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About PageBoost

At PageBoost, we turn slow websites into ultra fast websites. As a best-in-class provider of website performance hyper-optimization services, we back our work with an unmatched guarantee to significantly reduce our client's website load times and improve their Google PageSpeed scores thus improving user experience and search engine optimization. 

Contact us today to see why businesses from all over the world trust us to improve their website's performance!

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